Light editing of all photos

The price of the session includes light photo editing, which will be done to all photos in order to obtain a more attractive appearance. In most cases, lightly edited photos look good enough and there is no need for further editing.

If you want to edit the photos yourself, we can send you unedited photos (RAW or JPEG) upon request.

Advanced editing & retouch

If you need further changes we offer an edition that includes:

– adjusting white balance, exposure, shadows and vibrancy (more accurate)
– cropping for a more pleasing image (if needed)
– cropping to 4×5 format for Instagram (on request)
– sharpening and reducing/removing noise in low light situations (if needed)
– vignetting for a more pleasing image (if needed)
– fixing distortion from wide-angle lens (if any)
– face and body retouching for a healthier and natural look
– restoring the natural white color of the eyes (if needed)
– teeth whitening (if needed)
– removing sweat stains and creases from clothes (if any)
– removing people and unwanted objects from images
– replacing the sky if it’s bland (optional)
– silhouette slimming (on request)

• One advanced edited photo is 100 baht ($3), you can order as many as you want and pay after the session in cash or later by PayPal.

• I edit to my liking, I try not to use heavy filters, I prefer editing close to the natural look. I offer full support so feel free to ask if you want to change anything in the edition.

• Editing takes up to 5 days from the day you send us the list with the photo numbers for editing.

• The photos are fully yours so feel free to edit them further and do whatever you want with them.

Raw / light / advanced comparision