Bangkok Highlights | photography in Bangkok


Bangkok offers an incredible backdrop for photoshoots, boasting numerous locations. For standout highlights, I recommend exploring unique temples adorned with intricate designs, capturing the nostalgic charm of the retro train station, enjoying panoramic views from modern rooftop bars, and immersing in the vibrant atmosphere of Chinatown with its futuristic neon lights, creating unforgettable scenes. With its diverse mix of traditional and contemporary elements, Bangkok presents endless opportunities for stunning imagery.

We will help you choose places and prepare a plan tailored to your needs. Suggested highlights of Bangkok:

Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha) – One of the largest and most interesting temples

Old Train Station – A place representing an older version of Bangkok, vintage and nostalgia

Yao Rooftop Bar – Our favorite rooftop bar, it has a nice decor, vibe, view and not too many people

Neons in Chinatown – Our signature, the best place for night photos

Mahanakhon Tower area and BTS – The largest and most iconic skyscraper in Thailand, we take photos around it and on the BTS skytrain

Sunset over the temple – Beautiful view by the river (the place is small and may be crowded, we take photos there for 5-10 minutes)



• All plans are customizable, we can add or subtract some place, spend more or less time.

• We do photo sessions only in Bangkok. We advise against taking photos in The Grand Palace and Wat Arun temple, it’s too crowded. The other temples are fine.

• Sessions up to an hour can be carried out practically anywhere, except for more distant and large locations: The Ancient City, Ayutthaya, Chocolate Ville, floating market and zoo. Package plan 3 or 4 is required to book.

• All the fees are at your expense.

• Hotel session – Make sure camera usage is allowed.

• If you want to meet in the temple, the woman must cover her arms, belly and legs (and do not uncover inside the temple while taking photos, kissing is also forbidden).

Temple and sunset

Sunset in Bangkok starts around 6PM so we’ll meet at Wat Pho at 5PM. During our visit to Wat Pho temple, we’ll embark on a journey exploring its ornate architecture and serene surroundings. We’ll capture moments at the temple’s best spots, where sculptures, towering pagodas, and courtyards provide the perfect backdrop for photographs. At the end, we will walk for 3 minutes to take photos by the river, the place is called “The Deck by Arun”. The number of spots depends on availability and crowding.

Wat Pho temple
Sunset over the Arun temple

  • Session time: ~1 hour
  • Availability: daily at 5 PM
  • Suitable for: everyone
  • Outfit: casual, lightweight fabrics, sarong, hat (dress appropriately for the temple)
  • Price: Package plan 3

Chill Mode Captures

Our favorite rooftop bar is “Yao”, located on the 32nd floor of the Marriott Surawongse Hotel. It’s not only offers a visually stunning setting for photography but also provides a delightful experience for those seeking a calm atmosphere. With its elegant ambiance and relaxed vibe, it provides a serene environment where you can unwind and enjoy your drinks in peace. Unlike some other rooftop bars, Yao tends to be less crowded, allowing for a more intimate and enjoyable experience while you capture beautiful photos and savor your favorite beverages. Right after that, we’ll go to a neon light shoot in Chinatown. Stepping into the neon-drenched streets of Bangkok’s Chinatown is like entering your own real-life version of Blade Runner. The vibrant lights create a futuristic ambiance that instantly transports you into a cyberpunk world, where every corner is a photo opportunity that oozes style and sophistication. Immersed in the mesmerizing glow of the neon signs, you’ll feel like a protagonist from a sci-fi film, capturing the essence of the cityscape with a touch of otherworldly coolness.
Notes on the bar – need to order drinks and a dress code – long pants, shirt and no flip flops.

Yao Rooftop Bar
Neon streets in Chinatown

  • Session time: ~1 hour
  • Availability: daily at 5:40 PM
  • Suitable for: everyone
  • Outfit: smart casual, classy casual, cocktail attire, chic evening wear
  • Price: Package plan 3

Retro and modern Bangkok

We will meet at the old railway station where we will pose on wooden benches, tracks and old Thai wagons. By tuk-tuk or taxi we will get to the tallest building in the city, Mahanakhon Tower, near which there is also a BTS skytrain. We will take shots with a wide-angle lens and slow exposure with speeding trains.

Old train station (Hua Lamphong)
King Power Mahanakhon area with the BTS Skytrain

  • Session time: ~1 hour
  • Availability: 12PM - 6PM
  • Suitable for: everyone
  • Outfit: casual, smart casual, business casual, streetwear, artsy, vintage, sporty
  • Price: Package plan 3

Show me the city

Our photo trip can last up to about 4 hours and we can create a plan together. Below are the optimal session durations in a given location:

Wat Pho temple – 30m – 1h
Wat Ratchabophit temple – 20m – 40m
Loha Prasat temple – 20m – 40m
Saranrom Park – 20m – 40m
Old Train Station – 25m – 45m
Talat Noi old streets – 25m – 1h
Yao Rooftop Bar – 25m – 40m
Neons in Chinatown – 20m – 1h
Mahanakhon Tower area and BTS – 20m – 45m
Sunset over the temple – 5m – 10m

– Minimum time means visiting the place quickly, it is better to estimate in the middle
– The session time includes transport time (tuk-tuk, taxi). All the places mentioned are in the same area and the transport time is approximately 13 minutes per place
– The more places, the more time in transport and the fewer photos
– The larger the group, the slower the pace and the longer the transport
– You can change clothes in all places, changing time is included in the session time

  • Session time: customizable, up to ~4h
  • Availability: from 12 PM (sunset time is 6PM, neon lights from 6:30PM)
  • Suitable for: everyone
  • Outfit: casual, smart casual, resort wear, bohemian, streetwear, artsy, vintage, cocktail attire (dress appropriately for the temple)
  • Price: Package plan 1-2