Portfolio | Wat Suthat

Lukfoto – Bangkok Photographer

Bangkok, a city of vibrant contrasts and breathtaking beauty, is home to some of the world’s most exquisite architectural marvels and cultural treasures. Among these, Wat Suthat stands out as a beacon of spiritual and historical significance. As a Bangkok-based photographer, my journey through the lens at lukfoto.com has brought me to this magnificent temple, where I’ve captured its essence in a way that transcends the ordinary. At lukfoto.com, my goal has always been to not just take photographs, but to tell stories through them. Each image captured at Wat Suthat is a narrative in itself, reflecting the intricate details of Thai craftsmanship and the profound spiritual ambiance of the temple. The grandeur of the principal Buddha image, Phra Sri Sakyamuni, is a sight to behold and has been a focal point of my work. This stunning Buddha image, housed in the magnificent ordination hall, exudes a sense of peace and enlightenment, a feeling I strive to convey in each of my photographs.