Portfolio | Breeze restaurant at lebua state tower

Lukfoto – Bangkok Photographer

The journey through my lens at lukfoto.com takes you on a visual tour of Breeze’s sophisticated and contemporary setting. The restaurant’s ambiance is an integral part of its charm, characterized by an elegant décor that complements its high-altitude location. The open-air dining area, with its gentle breezes and starlit skies, creates a magical backdrop for a night out in the city. One of the most striking aspects of Breeze is its panoramic view. As a photographer, capturing the essence of Bangkok from such a unique perspective was a thrilling challenge. The city lights twinkling below, the meandering Chao Phraya River, and the urban landscape stretching into the horizon make for an unforgettable visual experience. These photographs not only showcase the restaurant’s location but also the vibrancy and energy of Bangkok at night.