Portfolio | Neons in chinatown

Lukfoto – Bangkok Photographer


Neon photography captures the vibrant essence of Chinatown through its modern, futuristic themes illuminated by colorful lights. The electrifying glow of neon creates a mesmerizing backdrop that appeals to individuals of all ages and interests. With its dynamic interplay of light and shadow, neon photography offers a contemporary perspective on traditional landscapes, inviting viewers into visual experience.



• We can start the neon session after dark, i.e. after 6:30PM

• The session can last up to an hour – package plan 1 or 2

• On Mondays, many shops in Chinatown are closed in the evening and there are fewer people, which is worse for sightseeing but better for taking photos

• There can be a lot of people from Friday to Sunday – it doesn’t matter for the session, but maybe it matters for you

• The session can be enriched with various items: jackets, pants, glowing glasses, umbrella, hat, LED panel, projector. If you are interested, you must request them a few hours before the session.

• You can change clothes – the time is included in the session time. The bathroom is halfway there.