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Lukfoto – Bangkok Photographer

f you are looking for a unique and retro vibe for your photos in Bangkok, you should definitely check out The Mustang Blu, a designer hotel and cafe that was renovated from a 19th century bank. The Mustang Blu is a hidden gem in Bangkok’s Chinatown, and it has a lot of character and charm, with vintage furniture, antiques, and art. It is a perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal, a relaxing drink, and a cozy stay, while capturing the essence and beauty of the old Bangkok. As a professional photographer based in Bangkok, I have a lot of experience and expertise in taking photos at The Mustang Blu. I know how to find the best spots and angles to showcase the amazing decor and atmosphere of the hotel and cafe, and how to adjust the lighting and settings to suit the mood and style of the moment. I can also guide you through the hotel and cafe and explain the history and concept behind the design and renovation. I can help you create stunning photos that will reflect your personality and taste, and that will impress your friends and followers.